2009 Annual Review
Recommendation 11 of 12



That the cost of public transport to the Games, combined with car park pricing be structured to ensure that travelling to the Games from outside London is affordable and that people are incentivised to use sustainable forms of transport.


Status at 31 Mar 2013


Status at 01 Oct 2012


Status at 31 Mar 2012


The Games-time journey planner is live with a range of pricing offers to encourage rail use. Ticket holders are being encouraged to book now while offers are available. Complete

Status at 31 Dec 2011

Progress Made

Status at 30 Sep 2011

Progress Made

Status at 30 Jun 2011

Progress Made

Status at 31 Dec 2010

Progress Made

The ODA is engaged in discussions with Train Operating Companies and is confident that there will be ticketing arrangements secured that will encourage the use of rail for travel to the Games. Progress Made

Status at 30 Sep 2010

No Evidence Yet

Status at 30 Jun 2010

Status at 31 Dec 2009

This review was published in May 2010. A statement on progress will be provided in the 2010 Annual Review

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