2010 Review of Inclusion and Healthy Living
Recommendation 6 of 11



That LOCOG establishes mechanisms to ensure that late design changes to venues during overlay and fit-out take full account of accessibility and other sustainability requirements.


Status at 31 Mar 2013


Status at 01 Oct 2012


Status at 31 Mar 2012


LOCOG venue design teams were expected to use the LOAF in their venue designs, which were reviewed by Accessibility Consultants working for Atkins, with any issues or exceptions being discussed by the Accessibility Manager. A design freeze has now been put in place, so the risk of design changes should now be minimised. Late operational changes are still possible and a change control process will be in place for this. LOCOG will need to ensure that they have plans to deal with any late rush of operational changes, including having provision for bringing in increased resources if required. A new recommendation covering this and related Games-time resourcing issues was made in the Sustainable Games Preparation review. Closed (recommendations within the Sustainable Games Preparation review take precedence)

Status at 31 Dec 2011

Progress Made

Status at 30 Sep 2011

Progress Made

Status at 30 Jun 2011

Progress Made

This review was published in March 2011. A statement on progress will be provided in the 2011 Annual Review

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