2010 Review of Inclusion and Healthy Living
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That LOCOG allocates operational responsibility for the areas between transport nodes and the venues – the so-called Last Mile – and promptly identify and resolve any accessibility issues. Consistent accessibility standards should apply throughout the Last Mile wherever this is located and whoever has operational responsibility for it.


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Status at 31 Mar 2012


During 2011 LOCOG agreed to coordinate most of the Last Mile routes. Two exceptions to this are the central London zone and areas around road races which will coordinated by TfL and the Last Mile areas around the regional football stadia which will be coordinated by the relevant Local Authority. The duties of care and thus responsibility for actions on the Last Mile remains with the body that normally manages it, e.g. waste collection and disposal. The multi-agency approach to developing plans and contingency plans is intended to manage down the collective risk to delivery. However, in some areas it still leaves it unclear as to precisely which organisation is taking this responsibility. LOCOG City Operations team needs to continue to influence the relevant local authorities to ensure that the there are appropriate plans for street cleansing, waste and recycling, accessibility, security and health and safety in the last mile around all venues and race routes where it is the lead coordinator. They should be then support TfL for race routes and the central London zone and the host Local Authorities and City Operations team in GOE for venues around the country, where these organisations have the lead role. A new recommendation covering this and related issues was made in the Sustainable Games Preparation review. Closed (recommendations within the Sustainable Games Preparation review take precedence)

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This review was published in March 2011. A statement on progress will be provided in the 2011 Annual Review

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