Commission publishes Annual Review

May 18, 2009

From October 2008 to January 2009 the commission undertook its Annual Review. This review aimed to:

  • Advise the Olympic Board of the progress, plans and resources necessary to deliver the sustainability objectives of the London 2012 Games and legacy,
  • Provide commentary on the overarching governance arrangements and sustainability strategy, plans and objectives based on review findings, the informed view of the commission and taking into account the perspective of Wider Stakeholders
  • Highlight areas of good practice
  • Recommend actions to recover or improve the programme to deliver the sustainability objectives

The commission is pleased to report that the sustainability standards set at the time of the bid are being maintained. The review identifies some concerns but also highlights opportunities to build on a platform of solid achievement by the delivery bodies. The review issues a number of priority recommendations ranging from the need to act on the findings of the groundbreaking project to define the carbon footprint for the games, to calls for action on materials, waste, energy and legacy.

The commission commends the groundbreaking work carried out to define the wider carbon footprint of the London 2012 Programme from bid win to closing ceremony and recommends that the London 2012 bodies take collective responsibility for these emissions and work together to mitigate their impact.

As well as making specific recommendations, the commission calls on the GLA and Government to build on the work done by the ODA and LOCOG and enshrine the long term sustainable development of the Olympic Park in the Olympic Park Delivery Company’s objectives, governance, management, structures and business plan, and to renew their efforts to meet the promise to make the Olympic Park a “blueprint for sustainable living”.

To read the review in full please go to our reports section to download the report.