CSL welcomes publication of the London 2012 Carbon Footprint Study

April 2, 2010

The Commission welcomes the publication by London 2012 of the Carbon Footprint Study. In our review of the approach taken to carbon measurement and management across the London 2012 programme, ‘Extinguishing Emissions’, published in December 2009, we called for full details of the carbon footprint calculations and underlying assumptions to be published.

The Carbon Footprint study is a detailed report which sets out the methodology used by London 2012 to calculate the reference carbon footprint of the Games. The initial reference carbon footprint for the Games, based on data from the bid, including shared and associated emissions such as flights, was estimated at 3.4 million tonnes CO2e. This includes 2.3 million tonnes CO2 of LOCOG and ODA owned emissions as well as shared and associated emissions such as spectator transport and accommodation and investment in London 2012-related transport infrastructure funded by others. The actual residual ‘owned’ footprint will be considerably lower once the impact of emission-avoiding measures, such as the low carbon concrete specification, and also the impact of cost saving measures, such as the reduction in the number of temporary venues, are taken into account. In the London 2012 Sustainability Plan, London 2012 stated that they anticipate that the impact of these measures will reduce the residual ‘owned’ footprint to 1.9 million tonnes. The Commission looks forward to understanding in more detail about how this residual footprint will be mitigated.

By publishing this methodology London 2012 are making a valuable contribution to the learning legacy of the Games. Other major events and projects will be able to study and build on the work done by London 2012 in this area.

Download The London 2012 Carbon Footprint Study.