Commission publishes Transport Review

June 17, 2010

Front cover of the Transport Review
Transport Review

The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 has today published its snapshot review of sustainability and transport for the Games.

The review, entitled ‘All Change’ is a snapshot review. It provides an overview of transport and sustainability across the London 2012 programme.  For the London 2012 transport teams, much of the detailed planning and delivery is still ongoing or lies ahead. For this reason, the Commission has provided an overview report and will continue to monitor progress closely.

The Commission welcomes the work of the London 2012 Transport teams. The focus on inclusive public transport for spectators, on minimising carbon emissions from the Olympic fleet and on active travel for all, is impressive. Travel demand management at Games-time must be closely managed to minimise negative impacts, including on air quality.

The Commission has been particularly impressed with BMW’s commitment to a fleet average of 120gm CO2/km for the Olympic fleet. This is ahead of EU targets and way ahead of current emissions standards.

The Commission has also welcomed the London 2012’s focus on holding a ‘public transport games’, accessible to all. While public transport will be free for ticketholders in London, the Commission strongly considers that public transport from elsewhere to the Games must be affordable and encourages London 2012 work with others to ensure this happens.

The plans to encourage spectators to walk or cycle all or part of the way to the 2012 venues are being linked in to wider programmes to increase the number of people walking and cycling. However both the Accessible travel and Active travel programmes will require resources to continue to be committed to work effectively in 2012.

During Games-time, travel demand in and around London will need to be carefully managed to minimise any negative effects on air quality. Whilst the Olympic Park will be a low emissions zone, the effect of idling traffic around the city will need to be closely monitored and action taken to minimise impacts on air quality.

The Commission will continue to monitor the London 2012 transport teams sustainability plans and will report any concerns publicly on its website and via its reporting.