Commission statement on BP

June 23, 2010

BP was selected by LOCOG to be a London 2012 Tier One Partner, Cultural Olympiad Partner and Sustainability Partner.  

BP has confirmed that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will not affect the company’s commitments to London 2012. BP will be sponsoring the London 2012 Open Weekend in mid-July.  

Regarding BP’s role as a Sustainability Partner, the Commission expects BP to continue their commitment to the London 2012 sustainability objectives which will help to deliver a sustainable Games and a sustainable future for East London.  

The Commission joins many other stakeholders in expecting to see BP continue to take every effort to speedily resolve the situation in the Gulf of Mexico and to direct their resources towards mitigating the negative impacts on environmental, economic and social sustainability which have occurred.  

While the Commission has provided LOCOG with details of issues to consider in the choice of commercial partners when asked to in our role as a critical friend, we have no involvement in the choice of London 2012’s commercial partners.