Commission’s statement on the Olympic Park Wind Turbine

June 3, 2010

The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 is the independent body established to assure and monitor the sustainability of the London 2012 Games. The Commission reports directly to the Olympic Board and publicly via this website, on the sustainability plans, objectives and progress of the organisations responsible for building and delivering the London 2012 Games.

The Commission has been informed that the ODA consider it no longer feasible to install a wind turbine, on the Olympic Park, prior to the Games and it is unlikely a supplier will be secured after the Games.

In light of the evidence that the turbine is no longer feasible or viable, the Commission supports the decision taken by the ODA to close the project. The symbolic power of a wind turbine at the park, whilst valuable, does not outweigh the considerations of the optimal use of resources.

However, the ODA’s agreed commitments on carbon emissions on the Olympic Park must be met.

The two main commitments are:

  • The ODA aspires to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions for the built environment of 50% by 2013 (ODA Sustainable Development Strategy, this is also listed as a commitment in the London 2012 Sustainability Plan, 2nd Edition, December 2009)
  • Across the Site as a whole, sufficient on-site renewable energy generation capacity shall be installed to meet at least 20% of the annual carbon emissions of the venues and other buildings to be retained within the Site in the Legacy phase. (Planning Conditions, LTD1.3)

The Commission is reassured that the ODA remain fully committed to meeting these targets and that contingency plans are in development to meet them. The Commission will continue to monitor the progress of these plans very closely.

The Commission will continue to monitor the contingency plans and progress against these two targets very closely and will highlight any concerns via its reporting and publicly via its website.

The Commission believes that the Government will need to carefully consider the implications of the ODA’s decision for the wider industry.