Commission’s official statement on press release issued by the ODA on 8 April 2011

April 8, 2011

The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 is the independent body established to assure and monitor the sustainability of the London 2012 Games.

ODA carbon reduction targets

The ODA originally committed to reducing carbon emissions on the Olympic Park by 50% (compared to standard industry levels). This included a 20% reduction in carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy on-site. However, as stated in the ODA’s press release, this was proven not to be possible, and instead the ODA is investing in a Mayoral scheme (RE:NEW) to reduce energy waste across London. The Commission is assured that the ODA has extensively explored the opportunities to achieve the 20% target using financially viable renewable energy solutions, and is satisfied that the alternative investment programme will enable the ODA to meet its commitments.

Shaun McCarthy, Chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, says: “While we’re satisfied that the ODA has made strenuous efforts to find financially viable solutions to meet its carbon reduction targets, it’s unfortunate that the renewable energy sector was unable to deliver a workable solution for the Olympic Park. The ODA’s alternative arrangements are robust and we are extremely pleased with their overall sustainability performance.”

LOCOG carbon reduction targets

LOCOG originally committed to 20% of Olympic Park electricity requirements coming from new, local renewable energy sources. As stated in the ODA press release, LOCOG is not able to meet this target, and will be focusing on reducing electricity consumption during the Games instead. It is hoped that this will deliver at least the equivalent carbon savings. The Commission supports this approach in principle and looks forward to reviewing the detailed figures showing how this will be achieved.

Shaun McCarthy says: “For us, a commitment is a commitment and we expect LOCOG to deliver the agreed 20% carbon savings. LOCOG have told us in principle how they will deliver these savings and we believe that this can be done. As an assurance body we need to see the evidence of how this can be achieved and have recommended that LOCOG calculates the carbon that would have been saved through renewable energy and demonstrates how this carbon will be saved through reducing Games-time energy use”