Live and dangerous

May 20, 2011   |   Posted by Shaun McCarthy

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Shaun McCarthy - Live and Dangerous

What is a “green job” anyway? As we move closer to the Games it is inevitable that the level of media attention directed towards the Commission will increase. It has been a great privilege to represent the commission at public events, to talk to the press and to take part in live TV and radio broadcasts. This week I was grateful to the organisers of Sustainability Now! for giving me my first experience of a live webinar. It was a bit of a weird experience. The four delegates were squashed in a tiny room in Blackfriars glued to laptops and talking …

Low carbon Britain: what can the 2012 Olympics teach us?

May 17, 2011   |   Posted by Shaun McCarthy

I’m very pleased to say that on 18 May at 11am I’ll be one of the speakers at the virtual event Sustainability Now. The event covers environmental issues in the property, construction and architecture sectors; and has excellent green credentials as it’s a ‘virtual event’ – hosted online, with no need to leave the confines of your office to attend. Perhaps best of all, it’s free.  I’ll be on a panel of experts discussing the subject of Low Carbon Britain: Green buildings, Green Construction, Green jobs. Chaired by Neil Jefferson, chief executive of Zero Carbon Hub, on this audio webinar we’ll be taking a look at the notion of a ‘low carbon Britain’ and what can be done to support the development of green products, materials and, yes, people too. I’m hoping to put my own views across, examining the meaning behind the buzzwords – such as ‘green jobs’ – and bringing some examples from the 2012 Olympics to the discussion. If you’d like to register to attend Sustainability Now for free, please click here. I hope you’ll be able to join us, and don’t forget – it’s an interactive session so questions from the audience are always welcome. …