Statement from adidas Group on Greenpeace Investigation

July 15, 2011

An investigation by environmental pressure group Greenpeace has alleged that suppliers to several big clothing brands are polluting two of China’s main rivers with hazardous chemicals.

Due to their role as a Tier One sponsor for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Commission contacted the adidas Group and requested that their involvement be clarified.

Their statement reads:

“Greenpeace is currently campaigning for the elimination of toxic substances in China – a goal that is closely aligned with the adidas Group’s own strategic efforts to control and curb the use of hazardous chemicals in our supply chain. In mid-June, Greenpeace contacted the adidas Group, claiming that a supplier, Youngor Group Ltd in Ningbo, China, was discharging pollutants to a nearby river. The adidas Group has investigated these claims. We confirmed for Greenpeace that our current business relationship with the Youngor Group is restricted to the cut and sewing of garments. The adidas Group does not source fabrics from Youngor Group, which would involve the use of dyestuffs, chemicals and their associated water treatment processes. We have shared our approach in managing environmental issues in our global supply chain with Greenpeace and report about our approach transparently in our sustainability reports. In addition, we continue to engage with Greenpeace and have offered our full support and cooperation.”

The statement in full can be read here.

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