Commission statement on alleged infringements of LOCOG Sustainable Sourcing Code in Indonesia

April 16, 2012

Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 calls for investigation into alleged breaches of the Sustainable Sourcing Code in Indonesia, revealed after investigation by The Independent newspaper. 

The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 is deeply concerned about the alleged infringements of the LOCOG Sustainable Sourcing Code in a number of facilities producing Olympic merchandise in Indonesia as revealed by The Independent.

The Commission recognises the significant challenge that LOCOG faces in ensuring all suppliers to London 2012 meet the principles of the Sustainable Sourcing Code. Nonetheless, if the allegations are true then these infringements are unacceptable and action must be taken to ensure that these issues are addressed.

The Commission outlined in its merchandising review – Sustainably Sourced? – in October 2011 that companies should publicly disclose all supply chain locations to provide greater supply chain transparency.

In its review, the Commission also called for the complaints and dispute resolution process for supply chain problems to be more widely communicated and understood by the workers.

Shaun McCarthy, Chair, Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, said: “The allegations uncovered by The Independent investigation are of serious concern. The priority for LOCOG must be to investigate these issues and act accordingly to protect workers’ rights and improve working conditions. We would also recommend that LOCOG looks at the wider issue of what needs to be done to ensure that the complaints and disputes procedure is not just communicated, but understood, by workers across the supply chain.”

The Commission will be working with all relevant stakeholders to ensure this issue is resolved quickly, decisively and transparently.