Commission welcomes ‘One Planet’ ambitions for the Games

July 19, 2012


The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 today welcomed the views of BioRegional and WWF on the progress of the London 2012 Games in meeting its sustainability objectives.

The report, entitled Towards a One Planet Olympics Revisited, highlights the sustainability ambitions of these two NGOs in relation to the Games.

Shaun McCarthy, Chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 said “We have enjoyed a constructive and open relationship with Bioregional and WWF since the outset of the London 2012 Programme in 2005 and we recognise their legitimate right to promote their objectives as NGOs. We welcome this report as an articulation of informed opinion from two of our most valued stakeholders.

However we must also make it clear that it does not relate to our assurance work, which is operated within clear rules of evidence and impartiality.”

The Commission was established by the Olympic Board in 2006 to provide formal assurance over the sustainability of the London 2012 Games Programme.  The Commission operates against a strict set of terms of reference, and against its Assurance Framework, in line with international assurance principles.  To date the Commission has produced 233 recommendations of which 88 have been completed, 77 closed, and 65 remain open, while 3 are not achieved.  These are couched in 17 assurance reports spanning every Games year and against key themes.

Mr McCarthy continued: “We have always maintained that there is a difference between campaigning and assurance and between evidence and opinion. Both have a role to play. We welcome this report as the informed opinion of two legitimate organisations who are trying to make the world a better place”.

The report can be read here.