Commission publishes Beyond 2012 – Outcomes Report

March 20, 2013

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In January 2013 the Commission held a series of roundtables to unlock new thinking in addressing important issues arising from 2012 programme. The Beyond 2012 Initiative aimed to address these challenges in an open and collaborative manner, drawing on the expertise of stakeholders, many of whom held divergent views. The Commission publicised its intention to hold the Beyond 2012 Initiative in its pre-Games report and in a range of informal communications to stakeholders.

UK and International sector leaders discussed five key themes:

  1. Construction and Infrastructure – The ODA has proved that sustainable construction can be done at a reasonable cost so why aren’t commissioning organisations asking for it?
  2. Food – Is it possible to replicate and improve on the London 2012 food vision objectives (to provide affordable, healthy and sustainably sourced food) for future major events?
  3. Supply chain – How can those that commission major events contribute to improving labour standards in the supply chain?
  4. Volunteering – How does the UK harness the appetite for volunteering for the benefit of sustainable communities?
  5. Corporate Sponsorship – What does the ethical framework for sponsoring major events look like?

The outcome of the Beyond 2012 Series has been detailed in a report which can be found here