Assurance Framework

The Commission follows an Assurance Framework. This was developed specifically for assuring the sustainability of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and legacy.

Terms of Reference

The Commission is governed by Terms of Reference. These regulate the Commission’s activities and set out the principles by which it operates and protocols to be followed.

The Commission has adopted the following key principles:

  • Independence
  • Pragmatism – recognising the practical budgetary and programme realities and challenges to hosting the Games
  • Credibility – having an appropriate level expertise among Commissioners, Co-opted Experts and the Secretariat
  • Openness – ‘no surprises’, with Key Stakeholders and the Commission providing full and open access to information and relevant personnel.

The Commission is governed by:

  • Definitions set out in the Terms of Reference
  • Operating protocols
  • Media protocol
  • Recruitment protocol
  • Branding protocol
  • Expenses guidance


The Chair of the Commission reports to the Chair of the Olympic Board. The Chair presents to the Key Stakeholders quarterly and to the Olympic Board at least annually.

The Commission has a standing agenda item at quarterly meetings of the London 2012 Sustainability Group.

The Commission’s assurance reports are circulated to the London 2012 Key Stakeholders for comment on factual accuracy. They are then submitted to the Key Stakeholders and the Olympic Board. They are subsequently published in the Publications section of this website.

Governance arrangements

The following diagram sets out the sustainability delivery and assurance governance arrangements for the Games.

London 2012 Sustainability Reporting structure
London 2012 Sustainability Reporting structure