What we do

The aim of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 is:

  • to provide independent assurance and commentary;
  • to enable the sustainability objectives of the London 2012 programme to be achieved, and;
  • to support a sustainable legacy.

Our remit is nationwide.

There are three strands to our work:

  • Providing assurance
  • Acting as a critical friend
  • Engaging with wider stakeholders


The Commission’s assurance programme follows an Assurance Framework and has the following outputs:

  • Annual Reviews – reviews of sustainability governance and performance across the London 2012 programme.
  • Thematic Reviews – in depth reviews of specific issues or processes
  • Snapshot Reviews – shorter reviews of specific topics, based on presentation of information to the Commission

The Chair of the Commission reports quarterly to the key stakeholders and annually to the Olympic Board on progress against recommendations made in our Annual, Thematic and Snapshot Reviews.

The Commission aims to be a credible point of reference with respect to sustainability assurance issues.

Critical friend

The Commission provides timely, credible and independent advice, informally and on request, to help the Key Stakeholders meet their objectives or in responding to potentially tricky issues. An example of this is the role that the Commission played in encouraging London 2012 to develop policies for PVC fabric and for the use of HFCs.

The Chair of the Commission has written several letters in our capacity as a critical friend as well as in an assurance capacity.


The Commission engages with wider stakeholders to report openly on the performance of the London 2012 programme. Notes from our engagement events can be found in the feedback section. If you would like to be added to our stakeholder database, please contact us.

Work programme

We have developed our work programme through to 2013 and aim to publish the following reports. This is subject to change depending on the activities of the London 2012 programme. Completed reviews will be published on this website.

Date  Forthcoming Report 
January to March 2012
  • Sustainable Games Preparations Review
  • Legacy Review
May 2012
  • Annual Review (Pre-Games Close Out)
July to September 2012
  • Live monitoring 
October to December 2012
  • Post-Games Report
January to March 2013
  • Making a Difference Report
Closure of Commission March 2013