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What does the Commission do?

The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 was established in 2007 to assure the sustainability of the London 2012 programme. The Commission monitors the work of the organisations delivering the Games to check that they have appropriate sustainability plans and objectives in place and that they are meeting these objectives. The Commission also acts as a ‘critical friend’ providing advice on request to the delivery bodies.

What is the Commission’s remit?

The Commission has a remit across the UK as there are London 2012 venues across the country.

Who funds the Commission?

The Commission’s budget and funding arrangements for 2011–13 were approved by the funding partners in February 2011. The Commission’s budget is administered by the GLA. From 2011–13, we are funded by the following organisations: ODA (30%), GLA – TfL (10%), GLA – LDA (10%), GOE (20%), and LOCOG (30%). The Commission has been funded as follows: 2011-12 £353,249 and 2012-13 £404,044. The Commission is hosted by the GLA and is based at City Hall but operates as an independent commission in accordance with its Terms of Reference.

The Commission’s Terms of Reference establish it until 31 March 2014. However the Olympic Board decided in conjunction with the last funding round to bring forward the closure of the Commission to March 2013. Post-Games the Commission will oversee the sustainability of the transition of the Olympic Park for legacy use.

Are the Commissioners paid?

The Commissioners and Co-opted Experts for the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 are not paid. The role of a Commissioner or Co-opted Expert is voluntary although reasonable expenses are covered.

The Chair of the Commission is paid an honorarium of £530.60 per day (less such amounts as the GLA is legally obliged to deduct by way of tax and national insurance), up to 130 days in any rolling 12 month period.

The Secretariat of the Commission are paid members of staff employed by the Greater London Authority. No bonuses are paid.

How can I arrange a meeting with the Commission?

If you would like to arrange a meeting with the Commission, please email and clearly state why you would like to meet. We will reply to let you know if it is something we can help with.

London 2012

Who are the people delivering the Games?

There are several organisations involved in delivering the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games:

How do I contact London 2012?

The best way to contact London 2012 is via their website: www.london2012.com You can also call their switchboard: 0203 2012 000

I am interested in supplying a product or service to London 2012

The Commission is not involved in the procurement of any goods or services for London 2012, nor does it recommend goods or services to London 2012.  To find out more about supplying to London 2012 please use the links below:

You can find much more information from London 2012 about opportunities at this link: http://www.london2012.com/get-involved/business-network/index.php

London 2012 has a timetable of future opportunities at this link: http://www.london2012.com/get-involved/business-network/future-opportunities.php

London 2012 also hold general information sessions around the UK on how to compete for London 2012 contracts, this is the link: http://www.london2012.com/get-involved/upcoming-events/index.php

They also hold specific industry days and if you contact them directly, they should be able to tell you if they are planning a relevant day.

London 2012 also use an electronic brokerage service – CompeteFor and more information about this can be found at https://www.competefor.com/business/login.jsp

How do I find out more about London 2012’s plans?

The London 2012 website is up to date with all the most recent information on London 2012’s plans and processes, this includes information on the ticketing strategy and how to volunteer for the Games.

What will happen after the Games?

After the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games the Olympic Park will be transformed for legacy and will be handed over to the control of the Olympic Park Legacy Company. The Commission will continue until March 2013 to oversee the sustainability of the transformation for legacy.

For Students

Where can I find information about the sustainability of the Games?

The Commission’s Annual Reviews provide an overview of the roles and performance of the bodies delivering the Games and the progress made against the London 2012 five key sustainability themes: Climate Change, Waste, Biodiversity, Inclusion and Health.

The Annual Reviews are comprehensive. The Commission also produces Thematic Reviews on certain topics such as Waste or Carbon. All the Commission’s reviews are available on this website, on the Publications page.

The key London 2012 sustainability commitments can be found in the London 2012 Sustainability Plan (PDF)

Where can I find CSL Reports and do you have hard copies?

All reports published by the Commission are available on this website, on the Publications page. Most of our reports are only available online. Hard copies of our Annual Reviews are available – please email if you would like a hard copy of an Annual Review.

Can I arrange a research interview with the Commission?

This will depend on the nature and topic of your research. For PhD students undertaking research in a relevant subject area, please contact us on if you need more information than is contained in our reports. We will help where possible, but please note that our resources are extremely limited.


Do you have any vacancies at the moment?

The Commission has a team of three paid staff members and is currently fully-staffed. Any team vacancies will be advertised on this website and on the Greater London Authority website at this link: http://www.london.gov.uk/jobs/vacancies

Do you offer internships or voluntary work placements?

The Commission will not be taking on any volunteers or interns during 2012.