Fit for Purpose?

A review of inclusion and healthy living across the 2012 programme

March 2011

Tags: health, report

The Commission has made 11 key recommendations in the review; of which the most pressing are listed below:

• Greater co-ordination of the healthy living agenda across organisations beyond the London 2012 delivery bodies. The Commission believes that a Health Legacy board should be considered to give more focus and impetus to the healthy living agenda.

• Continued GLA support and resources made available to the Host Borough Unit, which ensures that residents of host boroughs have access to job opportunities through the local job brokerage service. This is a key legacy objective that may not be met without GLA support.

• Ensure that, in future, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport includes a range of Design Standards pioneered by the ODA that will apply to all future sports or large events facilities. These targets will ensure that facilities are accessible, promote local employment opportunities, and minimise their carbon emissions.

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