2010 Review of Inclusion and Healthy Living
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That LOCOG encourages existing venues that will host Olympic and Paralympic events during the London 2012 Games to implement lasting accessibility improvements.


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To date the only place where this has occurred is with the construction of a permanent Changing Places toilet facility at Wembley stadium. The Commission is disappointed that there are not more permanent accessibility improvements to pre-existing venues occurring as a result of London 2012 but recognises that LOCOG cannot make a venue owner improve their venue. This also means that LOCOG will be reliant on temporary accessibility improvements to ensure that existing venues meet their standards and leaves a risk that they will be unable to make temporary improvements that would make the venue as accessible as a permanent improvement would be. LOCOG has had some success in encouraging venues to adjust their policies so that they are more accessible. Examples of this are improving provision for assistance dogs, such as the number of guide dogs that are allowed at any one time and having audio description available at all sessions. In addition, having an accessible back of house as well as front of house provides a legacy for other mega events to learn from. Complete

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This review was published in March 2011. A statement on progress will be provided in the 2011 Annual Review