2010 Review of Inclusion and Healthy Living
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That LOCOG ensure that contract management processes are designed to achieve delivery of contractual commitments on accessibility and other sustainability objectives.


Status at 31 Mar 2013


Status at 01 Oct 2012


Contract management processes were in place. Complete

Status at 31 Mar 2012

Progress Made

Contract management is being applied through a combination of the central procurement team and responsible officers in each Functional Area. Sustainability and accessibility commitments are the responsibility of the Functional Area concerned, supported by sustainability and accessibility staff. Systems have been put in place to manage key components of the Sustainable Sourcing Code, such as FSC timber, PVC and HFC. Atkins conducted review of overlay at each design stage to ensure accessibility issues were being incorporated into venues being designed and procured. Progress Made

Status at 31 Dec 2011

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Status at 30 Sep 2011

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Status at 30 Jun 2011

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This review was published in March 2011. A statement on progress will be provided in the 2011 Annual Review