2012 Review of the preparations to stage Sustainable Games
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That the GLA clarify, monitor and report on where its Live Site operator will and will not meet relevant London 2012 sustainability requirements, including on waste, catering, the use of generators and the implementation of BS 8901, continuing to press them to meet commitments where possible and setting out the rationale for where they will not be complying with them.


Status at 31 Mar 2013


The GLA were certified to BS 8901 for the City Operations remit. Internal auditing of this system included auditing the work of Live Nation in providing Live Sites, with regular audits being carried out to ensure compliance with commitments and also to press for further actions where needed. Live Nation did not implement BS 8901 for the events themselves. Waste from the Hyde Park and Victoria Park Live Sites was sent for energy recovery, meeting the London 2012 commitment to zero waste to landfill but not meeting the London 2012 target of 70% reuse, recycling or composting as Live Nation were unwilling to take on this target and the GLA were unable to require it due to the nature of the concession contract for operating the sites. Catering at the Hyde Park and Victoria Park Live Sites did not adhere to the London 2012 Food Vision, with again Live Nation being unwilling to take on this commitment and the GLA being unable to require it due to the nature of the concession contract for operating the sites. Catering at the Potter’s Field Live Site, which was supported by the GLA Food Team and Sustain (and was not run by Live Nation), did adhere to it. Accessibility measures at Live Sites included accessible toilets, viewing areas and routes, as well as the sites being free for the public to enter. Free drinking water was provided in line with London 2012 commitments, however people were not allowed to take their own food into the Live Sites at Hyde Park and Victoria Park, unlike LOCOG venues. Whilst the Commission is disappointed in some of the measures taken by Live Nation, we accept that the GLA set out to us why certain targets were not complied with, which were primarily due to the nature of the contractual arrangements, and that the GLA pressed the operator to improve its level of performance where it could. Closed

Status at 01 Oct 2012

Progress Made

Status at 31 Mar 2012

Progress Made

The GLA have adopted as series of targets as part of securing certification to BS 8901. A range of targets have been applied to the Live Sites as part of this. Progress Made