2012 Review of Legacy
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2012 Review of Legacy
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That Government, through appropriate interdepartmental mechanisms, agree a way to ensure that sustainable procurement principles and mechanisms are considered as part of government buying guidance and other relevant frameworks.


Status at 31 Mar 2013

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There has been discussion within Government about how to utilise sustainable procurement principles. The Greening Government Commitments set out a commitment to procure sustainably through embedding buying standards into centralised and departmental contracts, as well as supply chain monitoring, with a target date of 2015. http://sd.defra.gov. uk/gov/green-government/commitments/ Cabinet Office has recently issued guidance on the application of the Public Services (Social Value) Act and has set targets for the use of SMEs in government contracts. Departments are required to report on progress and a Cabinet sub-committee has been set up to monitor their progress. This has not yet led to any significant outcomes. No Evidence Yet

Status at 01 Oct 2012

Progress Made

Status at 31 Mar 2012

Progress Made

HMG is engaged in on-going discussions about the way to implement this, including with the Green Construction Board (a joint HMG/industry board). Progress Made