2012 Review of Legacy
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2012 Review of Legacy
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That the GLA develop an internal process and identify a suitable resource to collate, synthesise and implement lessons learnt from the 2012 Programme to ensure that the Group continues to lead in sustainable procurement, waste policy, food policy and other relevant functions.


Status at 31 Mar 2013

Progress Made

An evaluation of the GLA City Operations programme is being completed, which will include relevant sustainability lessons. The GLA group launched its Sustainable Food Procurement Commitment in December 2010, modelled on the London 2012 Food Vision. Each of the functional bodies of the GLA group has worked with their caterers to meet requirements around traceability of food, animal welfare standards, purchase of Fairtrade products, and reduced use of water and energy. The requirements of the Commitment will be included in all future catering tenders. A new process for identifying and mitigating ethical sourcing risk was utilised in the London 2012 Ambassadors Uniforms tender, procured by TfL on behalf of the GLA. This approach is now being replicated in TfL’s current uniforms tender. Progress Made

Status at 01 Oct 2012

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Status at 31 Mar 2012

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