2011 Review of the sustainability of London 2012 merchandise
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That LOCOG work with their licensees to produce a series of case studies showing how the companies have responded to LOCOG's requirements and improved the sustainability performance of their products. These should cover a range of sustainability impacts including carbon footprinting, ethical supply, local employment, packaging and materials used.


Status at 31 Mar 2013

Not Achieved

Case studies have been placed on the Learning Legacy website showing how LOCOG set up its processes to manage compliance with its sourcing code and how it ran a complaints process. However, no case studies have been published to date showing how licensees responded to LOCOG's sustainability requirements. Not Achieved

Status at 01 Oct 2012

No Evidence Yet

Status at 31 Mar 2012

No Evidence Yet

We have yet to see evidence of these case studies being produced. No Evidence Yet

Status at 31 Dec 2011

No Evidence Yet

Status at 30 Sep 2011

No Evidence Yet

This review was published in October 2011. A statement on progress will be provided in the 2011 Annual Review