What are recommendations?

The Commission has made a number of recommendations as part of our reviews. We track the progress made against these recommendations quarterly and provide a full update in our Annual Reviews. This recommendation tracker shows the status of every recommendation we have made.

ID Review Year Owner Recommendation Status
192 Biodiversity 2010 LOCOG
That LOCOG demonstrate how they will ensure that the flowers and medals can be used as symbols of sustainability at Games-time. Read more Complete
191 Biodiversity 2010 LOCOG
That LOCOG contract management processes include effective assurance at point of delivery to ensure that all timber and timber products adhere to their sustainable sourcing ... Read more Complete
190 Biodiversity 2010 LOCOG
That LOCOG makes better use of the Biodiversity Advisory Group, for example to promote biodiversity conservation associated with the Games. Read more Closed
189 Biodiversity 2010 GLA
That as part of developing plans to address the sustainability implications of all elements of City Operations, the GLA set out and implement clear plans ... Read more Closed
188 Biodiversity 2010 LOCOG
That LOCOG makes clear how the process for post-Games restoration of sites will be assured and resourced following its dissolution. Read more Complete
187 Biodiversity 2010 LLDC
That the habitats that are developed in legacy are in line with the habitat commitments set out in the Olympic Park Biodiversity Action Plan, providing ... Read more Complete
186 Biodiversity 2010 LLDC
That the body or bodies responsible for the Olympic Park in legacy set out and implement clear plans for how the habitat will be maintained, ... Read more Complete
185 Biodiversity 2010 ODA
That the ODA review existing procedures and controls to ensure they are suitable for managing the habitats during Park Operations and Transformation. This needs to ... Read more Complete