What are recommendations?

The Commission has made a number of recommendations as part of our reviews. We track the progress made against these recommendations quarterly and provide a full update in our Annual Reviews. This recommendation tracker shows the status of every recommendation we have made.

ID Review Year Owner Recommendation Status
126 Design 2009 London 2012 Sustainability Group
That the London 2012 Sustainability Group consider and recommend to OBSG alternative design solutions to deliver more sustainable design outcomes, where these are raised through ... Read more Closed
125 Design 2009 ODA
That LOCOG engage with the ODA on the accessibility of venues during Games time and how their operations will enable the venues to be fully ... Read more Closed
124 Design 2009 LLDC
That long term management of the Olympic Park is resolved as soon as possible so that Park and Public Realm plans will be appropriate for ... Read more Closed
123 Design 2009 LOCOG
That the LDA [now LLDC] and LOCOG produce a plan for the use of Games-time facilities and equipment which would be appropriate to be retained ... Read more Closed
122 Design 2009 ODA
That there is a forum at which the ODA, LDA [now LLDC] and LOCOG consider the areas where there are opportunities for additional investment in ... Read more Closed
121 Design 2009 ODA
That sustainability specialists are involved in the evaluation of design-related tenders to ensure that the relevant issues are considered at an early stage. Read more Complete
120 Design 2009 ODA
That there is clear integration of sustainability objectives into the early design stages for the remaining developments and ongoing projects of all the Key Stakeholders. ... Read more Progress Made
119 Design 2009 LLDC
That the LDA [now LLDC] ensures the legacy builds on the accessibility of the Games, with its aim to be the most accessible Games. Read more Progress Made
118 Design 2009 LLDC
That LDA [now LLDC] sets out clear policy going forward, linked to an understanding of the rate of change of what will be the norm ... Read more Progress Made
117 Design 2009 LLDC
That the findings of the London 2012 Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Management Strategy are applied to LDA's [now LLDC] design processes to inform the areas ... Read more Progress Made
116 Design 2009 LLDC
That the LMF sustainability criteria drive design. In order to meet the Mayor of London's climate change target of a 60% reduction by 2025, the ... Read more Progress Made
115 Design 2009 LLDC
That the LDA [now LLDC] continue to maintain governance arrangements that recognise the inherent tensions and ensure sustainability is appropriately embedded in all aspects of ... Read more Closed
114 Design 2009 LLDC
That the LDA [now LLDC] ensures that the site and venues are future-proofed and retain sufficient flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and satisfy longer ... Read more Progress Made
113 Design 2009 LOCOG
That LOCOG should give consideration to the provision of additional accessible seating that will enable the accommodation of greater number than originally planned for where ... Read more Closed
112 Design 2009 LOCOG
That LOCOG engage a specialist resource to deal with inclusive design to ensure that accessibility and related issues are appropriately addressed. Read more Complete
111 Design 2009 LOCOG
That the findings of the Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Management Strategy are applied to LOCOG's design processes to minimise the carbon footprint prior to procurement. Read more Complete
110 Design 2009 LOCOG
That targets are set for the waste arising during the fitting out and removal of overlay and from temporary venues. The zero waste to landfill ... Read more Complete
109 Design 2009 LOCOG
That LOCOG explore the opportunities to influence the marketplace for the goods and services they require to seek to enable the requirements of the Sustainable ... Read more Complete
108 Design 2009 ODA
That a presentation be produced to set out the overall park design and how all elements link together. All venues and the park and public ... Read more Complete