What are recommendations?

The Commission has made a number of recommendations as part of our reviews. We track the progress made against these recommendations quarterly and provide a full update in our Annual Reviews. This recommendation tracker shows the status of every recommendation we have made.

ID Review Year Owner Recommendation Status
169 Waste 2010 GLA
That City Operations teams, both in London and other locations around the country, set objectives for waste management that are consistent with those adopted by ... Read more Not Fully Achieved
168 Waste 2010 LOCOG
That LOCOG report on how materials under its direct control and influence are transported from venues during all phases of its Games operations and maximise ... Read more Complete
167 Waste 2010 ODA
That the ODA work with their waste contractor to measure, manage and report on the transport methods for materials leaving the Olympic Park site during ... Read more Complete
166 Waste 2010 ODA
That the Olympic Delivery Authority, through the site-wide waste contractor, investigates the final use of all wood sent for recycling and reports accordingly. Read more Complete
165 Waste 2010 ODA
That the Olympic Delivery Authority works with their waste contractor to reduce the quantity of waste being sent to conventional incineration. Read more Complete
164 Waste 2010 ODA
That the Olympic Delivery Authority reports separately on each of the three components of the construction waste target, being the proportions and tonnage of construction ... Read more Closed
163 Waste 2010 LLDC
That the Olympic Park Legacy Company develops an integrated waste and energy strategy for the legacy developments on the Olympic Park. This should use organic ... Read more Not Achieved
162 Waste 2010 London 2012 Sustainability Group
That the London 2012 Sustainability Group set out how the management of waste and resources in the post-Games bump-out/breakdown phase and subsequent transformation phase will ... Read more Complete
161 Waste 2010 LDA
That the London Development Agency, through the London Waste and Recycling Board, fund additional new commercially viable waste management facilities for the processing of organic ... Read more Not Achieved