What are recommendations?

The Commission has made a number of recommendations as part of our reviews. We track the progress made against these recommendations quarterly and provide a full update in our Annual Reviews. This recommendation tracker shows the status of every recommendation we have made.

ID Review Year Owner Recommendation Status
107 ODA Procurement 2009 ODA
That, as part of the longer term evolution of CompeteFor, it is utilised to encourage and promote additional environmental criteria to drive improvements in businesses ... Read more Closed
106 ODA Procurement 2009 ODA
That the ODA has a system to manage procurement risk and delivery of the sustainability objectives and standards throughout their supply chain. Read more Complete
105 ODA Procurement 2009 ODA
That the ODA ensures that the risk of not achieving its sustainability standards is mitigated where the contractual arrangements do not mandate specific targets, such ... Read more Complete
104 ODA Procurement 2009 ODA
That the achievement of a BREEAM excellent rating be specified in all permanent venue contracts Read more Closed