What are recommendations?

The Commission has made a number of recommendations as part of our reviews. We track the progress made against these recommendations quarterly and provide a full update in our Annual Reviews. This recommendation tracker shows the status of every recommendation we have made.

ID Review Year Owner Recommendation Status
233 Legacy 2012 GLA
That the GLA put in place mechanisms to consider whether a potential future model for strategic sustainability assurance could be of benefit for London, potentially ... Read more Progress Made
232 Legacy 2012 GLA
That the GLA develop an internal process and identify a suitable resource to collate, synthesise and implement lessons learnt from the 2012 Programme to ensure ... Read more Progress Made
231 Legacy 2012 GOE
That Government, through appropriate interdepartmental mechanisms, agree a way to ensure that sustainable procurement principles and mechanisms are considered as part of government buying guidance ... Read more No Evidence Yet
230 Legacy 2012 GOE
That the Government make fully transparent how it is meeting its commitment to improve sports participation across its range of funded programmes (and how resources ... Read more Closed
229 Legacy 2012 GOE
That the GOE publicly detail how its 2012 programmes, initiatives and funding will be managed into legacy, prior to the commencement of the Games period. Read more Complete
228 Legacy 2012 LOCOG
That LOCOG, with appropriate support from Government, creates its own learning legacy that can be shared publicly beyond the IOC family to the events industry ... Read more Complete
227 Legacy 2012 LLDC
That OPLC/LLDC builds on its good work by demonstrating publicly how it is embedding, resourcing and reporting on environmental and socio-economic sustainability throughout its core ... Read more Complete