Case Study: Food


What people eat will be a core part of their experience of the Games.  Around 14 million meals will be served during the Games in 2012. LOCOG is the first organising committee to publish a vision for Games-time catering, setting baseline standards for food sourcing. It has also set up a Food Advisory Group with representation from industry bodies, NGOs, commercial partners and government, to provide strategic, technical and practical support.

Commercial partners

LOCOG has three commercial partners who will play a part in delivering food and drink for the Games:

  • Worldwide sponsor Coca Cola, exclusive branded provider of hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages
  • Worldwide sponsor McDonalds, exclusive branded retailer of restaurant food
  • Official supporter Cadbury, exclusive branded provider of chocolate and packaged ice cream, also official branded supplier of Trident gum.

As significant contributors to the financing of the Games, with which comes brand exclusivity, the commercial partners play a key role in supporting and delivering the sustainability objectives.

All three companies have made considerable efforts to reduce the social and environmental impacts of their products and all three have also signed up to the LOCOG Food Vision.

Approximately 20 per cent of Games-time meals for the general public will be provided by McDonalds. The remaining meals will be provided by multiple caterers who are expected to adhere to the approach and deliver the sustainability objectives set out in the Food Vision.


London 2012 made a bid commitment to support the consumption of local, seasonal and organic produce, with reduced amounts of animal protein and packaging.

The Food Vision For Starters, published in December 2009, is organised around the following themes:

  • food safety and hygiene
  • choice and balance
  • food sourcing and supply chain
  • environmental management
  • skills and education

By setting benchmark standards for plant-based produce, dairy produce, eggs, meat, fish and seafood, that all food must achieve, as well as setting expectations around food safety and hygiene, choice and balance, skills and education, LOCOG is sending a clear signal to the food services industry of what it expects to be delivered.

The Commission

In 2010, the Commission published On your marks, get set grow, a review of food across the London 2012 programme. This sets out comments and makes recommendations. Further updates can be found in the Sustainable Games Preparations Review.

The Commission will continue to monitor food as part of its remit and looks forward to seeing evidence of the Food Vision being delivered through the procurement process for caterers, continued activity of LOCOG’s Food Advisory Group in supporting delivery of the Food Vision, and the development and launch of the London 2012 Food Charter.