Learning Legacy

The Commission is delighted to present a series of short films as part of our learning legacy. The films are intended as an educational tool and it is our hope that they will inform and inspire the younger generation. Each film features an expert and a young person’s response on various issues concerning the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games:

The Commission is grateful to the teachers and pupils of St. Joan of Arc Catholic school and members of the Greater London Authority’s Peer Outreach team for their valuable contributions to these films. We are also grateful for the input of a network of geography teachers in Plymouth who helped inform the direction of content.

We invite you to use these films for educational purposes and are happy for them to be disseminated as widely as possible!

They have been designed to promote active learning and we suggest they be used in a world cafe style where young people, whether in the classroom or elsewhere, are given the opportunity to contribute to collaborative learning on every theme. This is a great way to discuss a lot of information in a fun and interactive way.


Introduction: Setting standards for sustainability

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Shaun McCarthy, Chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 introduces the film series by considering whether new standards of sustainability have been set for the Games. He asks young people to consider…is there even such a thing as a sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games?



Environmental Concerns: Do major projects created as many environmental concerns as they resolve?

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Here, CSL Commissioner Ben Wilson discusses the environmental issues associated with the Games and outlines some of the positive and negative impacts associated with it. He considers whether, on balance, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will have been good or bad for the environment, and asks young people to do the same. A young person from St. Joan of Arc Catholic school then gives their response!



Tourism: Is there a lasting legacy from major tourist events?

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Commissioner, Melba Palhazy outlines the issues involved in ‘sustainable event management’ and encourages young people to think about how the wider impacts of tourism for such a big event in like the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 should be taken into account. She asks how we can seek out long-term tourism benefits of these type of events to ensure they are worthwhile. A young person from St. Joan of Arc Catholic school then gives their response!



Regeneration: Does physical regeneration benefit those who need it most?

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Gautam Banerji, another CSL Commissioner highlights the importance of regeneration schemes in tackling issues such as social inclusion, the creation of new economic opportunities and tranforming areas. He asks young people to consider regeneration projects happening in their area and whether such benefits are ever achieved by such schemes. Do you think the planned regeneration of East London as part of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be successful? A young person from the Greater London Authority’s Peer Outreach team then gives their response!



Paralympics: How will the Games improve accessibility for disabled people in the UK?

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Robin Stott, CSL Commissioner, asks whether perceptions of people labelled ‘disabled’ will be changed as a result of the Paralympics being hosted in the UK? Importantly, the Olympic Park has been built to new standards of inclusive design so that the Park and all the venues are more accessible than previous Games. Just one of the questions Robin asks young people to consider in this film is how this might impact other buildings and venues around the UK that are not related to the Games. A young person from St. Joan of Arc Catholic school then gives their response!  


Citizenship: Embedding a culture of opportunity and inclusion for all?

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In this film, Emma Synnott who is CSL’s Commission Manager, considers the issues of employment and training associated with the Olympics and Paralympics in the UK. She highlights the advantage that young people have in being the newest and freshest adopters of cutting edge technology with excellent capacity to adapt to new ways of doing things. However, in difficult times, Emma also asks what ideas you have for helping young people who might be struggling with life’s challenges to get on the first rung of the jobs ladder? A young person from St. Joan of Arc Catholic school then gives their response!



Conclusion: Global issues to local action

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Finally, Shaun asks you to take a step back and consider how the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in London and around the UK will help solve the big social, economic and environmental issues the world faces in the 21st century?


Well, that’s the end of our current educational film series on sustainability and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We hope you enjoyed it and that it helps you consider and discuss some interesting new issues!


What’s in it for us? (Redbridge College & the GLA’s Peer Outreach team)

…and if you’re interested in further viewing, below is a film made by young people at Redbridge College and the GLA’s Peer Outreach team.

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This short film explores issues that are important to young people in terms of legacy, housing, employment and access to facilities – amongst others. All production, interviewing and content was undertaken by the young people involved.

Please note, the content of the above film, ‘What’s in it for us?’ was made by an external party and the Commission is not responsible for its content.

We are grateful to Redbridge College and the GLA’s Peer Outreach team for letting us place this film on our website.